Application Guidelines

Please read carefully the admission criteriaeligibility criteria for NExS scholarships and application conditions for self-funded candidates before submitting the application form online. Additional information is available in our FAQ section.

Online Application Form

All candidates (applying for a scholarship or under a self-funded scheme) must fill in the online application form and submitt it by the given deadlines with the following attachments.

All attachments must be uploaded by the candidate in the 'checklist page' of the application form, except the recommendation letters that are directly submitted by the referees.

List of attachments

a recent photo Passport type
a copy of national ID (EU candidates) or Passport (non-EU candidates) Page(s) showing identification n°, photo, holder' name, citizenship and date of birth, date of issue and date of expiration, signature.
a strongly convincing letter of motivation No more than 1000 words. The motivation letter must include the following information:
  • 1) Reasons for choosing Neurosciences,
  • 2) Reasons for choosing the Neurasmus Track indicated as 1st choice in the application form (see Track descriptions here).
a Europass Curriculum Vitae 'CV' Download template here
Read more:
a recent English Certificate In case the exam takes place after the Neurasmus application deadline, you need to provide a Proof of registration to the exam by the deadline, and you will have to transmit the exam results by January 1st, the latest. (Read language requirements here)
a copy of the Bachelor degree or Graduation certificate translated in English In case you are not graduated yet, please provide an official enrolment certificate.
all previous Academic Transcripts translated in English Should include all grades obtained during the 3-4 years of Bachelor and information about the grading scale
2 recommendation letters by two academics and/or professional bodies. No more than two pages per reference letter, written in English, including the referees signature, presenting on institutional headed paper and bearing an institutional stamp/seal.
optional: GRE certificate(Graduate Record Examinations) Should be the Revised General Test, see
mandatory: Financial resources declaration Download template here.
In case you intend to apply even if you benefit from the Neurasmus Excellence Scholarship, please fill out this statement of financial resources (in Euro), to prove that you have sufficient financial support demonstrating your ability to pay the living expenses.