Running projects and testimonies

Selected projects focus on contribution to the advancement of knowledge through research or teaching and/or curriculum development.


Project "Gene and Cell therapy"

Hosting University: Universidade de Coimbra
Scholar: Prof. Edgardo Rodriguez from University of Iowa

Summary of activities: teaching as an invited lecturer a course titled "Gene and Cell therapy of CNS: from microRNAs to iPS cells and gene repair", individual meetings with course participants to discuss their future as scientists, participating in a laboratory meeting hosted by Dr. Luis Pereira de Almeida and establishing collaborative research efforts.

"Overall, my experience at the Universidade de Coimbra was very positive. The experience of teaching this international group of students enriched my academic experience and allowed me to better understand the challenges they face during their training years. These challenges are most definitely quite different than what U.S.A-based students face. Finally, the interchange of ideas and approaches to research, both with students and other invited lecturers, served to enhanced my own perspective on gene therapy research."

Project "Neurophotonics"

Hosting University: Université Laval
Scholars: Dr. Jens Baron, Dr. Friedrich Johannes Zander, Dr. Karin Richter from Charité-Universitäsmedizin Berlin

Summary of activities: attendance to the Frontiers in Neurophotonics Summer School, participation to hand on experiments in small groups and individual meetings with course participants and Laval research teams in order to establish collaborative research links to support the Neurasmus Erasmus Mundus program in the field of Neurophotonics.

"The lectures, given by recognized specialists in the field of life imaging the brain and related structures, were of high quality and great value. It was a great opportunity for us to better understand imaging and life imaging on a cutting edge, state of the art basis and to initiate further Scholar projects in the Neurasmus program with outstanding colleagues!"

List of selected scholars

2012 EMMC
  • Prof Katalin Toth(Université Laval) - Hosting Universities: Bordeaux/Amsterdam

2011 EMMC
  • Prof Edgardo Rodriguez (University of Iowa) - Hosting University: Coimbra
  • Prof. Andrew Lawrence Gundlach (University of Melbourne) - Hosting University: Bordeaux
  • Prof. Giamal Lueshi (McGill University) - Hosting University: Bordeaux
  • Prof. Jean-François Cloutier (McGill University) - Hosting University: Coimbra
  • Prof. Christopher Korey (College of Charleston) - Hosting University: Berlin
  • Prof. Daniel Voisin, (Université Bordeaux Segalen) - Hosting University: Laval
  • Ms Laurie François (Université Bordeaux Segalen) - Hosting University: Laval
  • Ms Neira Becar (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) - Hosting University: Laval
  • Mr Lutz Steiner (Charité-Universitäsmedizin Berlin ) - Hosting University: Laval
  • Dr. Jens Baron, (Charité-Universitäsmedizin Berlin ) - Hosting University: Laval
  • Dr. Friedrich Johannes Zander (Charité-Universitäsmedizin Berlin ) - Hosting University: Laval
  • Dr. Karin Richter (Charité-Universitäsmedizin Berlin ) - Hosting University: Laval